ROYAL KLUDGE RK R75 Mechanical Keyboard Wired (White-Green)

  • 75% layout
  • Gasket Mounted
  • Durable Doubleshot PBT Keycaps with MDA Profile
  • Hot-Swappable Speed Silver Switch Pro
  • Personalization RGB.

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Enhanced Gaming Experience with ROYAL KLUDGE R75 Wired Mechanical Keyboard

Discover the ROYAL KLUDGE R75, a wired mechanical keyboard designed for gaming enthusiasts seeking practicality and style. The 75% layout, combined with a volume roller, offers essential keys while freeing up desk space, making it an ideal Christmas gift or a stylish desk update.

Advanced Gasket Mount Design for Superior Typing

Featuring a gasket mount design, this custom keyboard incorporates triple absorption layers, including sound-absorbing poron cotton, IXPE foam pad, and sponge case foam. Pre-lubed stabilizers and silencer foam under the space bar contribute to a clean typing sound, providing a unique and enjoyable typing feel right out of the box.

Durable Doubleshot PBT Keycaps in MDA Profile

The keyboard boasts doubleshot PBT keycaps in the MDA profile, offering a stepped height for improved typing precision and comfort. With thick walls, these keycaps are resistant to wear, friction, and solvents, showcasing exquisite workmanship and providing a premium look and feel.

Hot-Swappable Speed Silver Switch Pro for Responsive Input

Equipped with Hot-Swappable Speed Silver Switch Pro, the R75 keyboard ensures a stable input experience. The high-speed silver switches with a shorter travel distance provide quick key response, enhancing productivity and meeting the responsiveness needs in gaming. The hot-swappable PCB is compatible with both 3Pin and 5Pin switches.

Personalization with RGB Backlighting

Experience personalization with south-facing transparent RGB backlighting on the RK R75 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Choose from 18 RGB backlight modes, 8 monochrome backlight options, 5 brightness levels, 5 speed levels, and a full-color backlight, allowing you to customize your gaming atmosphere to the maximum extent.

RK ROYAL KLUDGE R75 75% Layout Mechanical Keyboard with Volumn Knob

RK ROYAL KLUDGE R75 75% Layout Mechanical Keyboard with Volumn Knob

Practicality Meets High Performance

RK ROYAL KLUDGE, a well-known manufacturer with over ten years of experience, specializes in producing high-performance professional mechanical keyboards. With a team of professional engineers and technicians, as well as a dedicated research and development department, we ensure top-quality design and production. Our goal is to provide the gaming community with exceptional craftsmanship, superior tactile feedback, and unparalleled performance. We firmly believe that a mechanical keyboard should not only be functional and reliable but also customizable and visually appealing. Our continuous efforts are aimed at offering you the most suitable products.

Introducing the ROYAL KLUDGE R75 Mechanical Keyboard, which focuses on practicality, adopts a high-performance design, and allows for highly customizable options.

The R75 gaming keyboard utilizes a custom gasket structure, which incorporates gasket material between the plate and keyboard housing on both the top and bottom sides, which provides a soft and cushioned feel, thanks to the rubber used to hold the keyboard plate in place. Besides, It is equipped with PBT keycaps, metal volume knob, RGB lighting, software for macro, programmable keys.

RK switch

Parameters for different switches

The difference between the Standard and Premium version:

Standard version: Available in black and white series, with the black using brown switches and the white using red switches. It features OEM height, ABS keycaps, suitable for daily use, complements desktops, and meets highly customization needs.

Premium version: Available in creamy purple and forest green, equipped with the stable Silver Axis Pro for the fastest response speed, more durable PBT keycaps, and comfortable MDA height. It’s ready out of the box, requiring minimal customization.

RGB Backlit 75% Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

RGB Backlit 75% Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

True soft elastic leaf spring Gasket structure

True soft elastic leaf spring Gasket structure

Extended integrated silicone pad: better optimize resilience and stability, and feel softer and elastic.

IXPE switch pad and the sponge case Foam: reduced sound output. Its keys have less resistance, which leads to quieter keystrokes compared to keyboards with a top-mounted structure.

The gasket mount design enhances stability and reduces typing noise for an immersive gaming experience.

RK Mechanical Keyboard



Link: bit.ly/RKRGBSOFT

  • Package Content:
  • 1 x R75 Keyboard
  • 1 x Switch and Keycap Puller(2-in-1-Design)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 4 x Replace Switches
  • 1 x USB/Type-C Dual Interface Cable

Shortcuts & Package list

Multimieda Key for Windows

Windows system (Fn+A: switch to Windows system)

Fn+F1: Computer Fn+F2: Browser Fn+F3: Mailbox

Fn+F4: Calculator Fn+F5: Player Fn+F6: Stop Fn+F7: Last Song

Fn+F8: Play / Pause Fn+F9: Next Song

Fn+ F10: Mute Fn+ F11: Volume- Fn+F12: Volume+

Multimieda Key for MAC

Mac system (Fn+S: switch to MAC system)

Fn+F7: Last Song Fn+F8: Play/Pause Fn+F9: Next Song Fn+ F10: Mute Fn+ F11: Volume- Fn+F12: Volume+

  • Fn + ↑ Backlight Brightness+ ; Fn + ↓ Backlight Brightness-
  • Fn + ” ,<” Switch the backlight color ; Fn + ” \ |” Switch Backlight Mode
  • Fn + → Backlight Speed+ ; Fn + ← Backlight Speed –
  • Fn + Space Restore to factory settings ; Fn + window Window lock

Two-stage Adjustable Tilt Legs

CNC Aluminum Volumn Knob

Detachable USB-C Cable

Two-stage Adjustable Tilt Legs

The non-slip and ergonomic design provides 3 heights for different needs.

CNC Aluminum Volumn Knob

The knob allows you to adjust the volume precisely, with each increment. It provides a seamless gaming experience for you.

Detachable USB-C Cable

Compartical for Most of the USB-C Cable. More convenient, portable and keyboard cable Customize Allowed.

Details under the space bar

MDA Profile

Well-lubed Stabilizers

Details under the space bar

Silencer foam under the space bar, increasing the rebound speed of the keys and reducing noise and protecting the kb from dust.

Doubleshot PBT Keycaps with MDA Profile

PBT keycaps has better high hardness, oil resistance and high temperature resistance. MDA Profile tend to be slightly taller compared to Cherry Profile, offering a larger contact area, potentially leading to a more comfortable typing experience, less type mistake.

Well-lubed Stabilizers

All the large keys are adjusted by the manufacturer, which makes the keys from wobbling and getting the exact same tactile as each standard key.



Additional information

Weight N/A

BROWN, RED, Silver Switch Pro

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