Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Gateron Mechanical Brown Switch

Keychron K3 (75%) – Low Profile Mechanical  Brown Switch is the compact dual mode keyboard with low profile to speed up your typing skill. It has ultra slim look with Gateron Mechanical brown switches. Vibe Gaming is the authorized Distributor of Keychron products in Bangladesh. Get free shipping on orders over 2500 BDT from Vibe Gaming.


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Incorporating the world’s first low profile Mechanical  switches to customize per-key typing experience with ease, together with all signature Keychron features


Connects via Bluetooth and switch among them easily. Featuring Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, the K3 offers flawless connectivity whether you?re working at home or the office while connecting with your smartphone, laptop and iPad.

The redesigned low profile switch is 40% slimmer than conventional switches. Together with the streamlined aluminum body makes the K3 one of the thinnest and lightweight wireless mechanical keyboards in the world.


Compatible for both macOS and Windows. Keychron is one of only a few in the market that comes with a Mac multimedia keys layout for Mac enthusiasts (Check high-res keycap layout and size?here). For?Linux?users, we also have a dedicated user group to help with the experience.

Two level adjustable rubber feet makes the new K3 more comfortable to type on.



Crafted for productivity, the K3?s 75% layout is a compact version of tenkeyless layout. It allows users access to all the essential multimedia and function keys, but with a smaller footprint.



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Price of Keychron K3 (75%) - Low Profile Mechanical  Brown Switch in Bangladesh
The best price of Keychron K3 (75%) - Low Profile Mechanical  Brown Switch in Bangladesh is 8000 BDT. You can buy the Keychron K3 (75%) - Low Profile Mechanical Brown Switch at the best price in Bangladesh from Vibe Gaming on our website and our showroom.

Reviews (2)

    April 4, 2022
    This is probably one of the best keyboards in the market for programming & long time working. The low profile keycaps are really comfortable. And the typing experience is also a lot better. The only issue that I found was that the keycaps get kind of oily/dirty pretty often, which doesn't bother me that much.
    Fahim Mahmud
    September 19, 2021
    I have always wanted a mechanical keyboard but couldn't get one as I am a Mac user. But the Keychron brand filled that gap for me and I am lucky enough to come across Vibe Gaming who is the authorized distributor of Keychron in Bangladesh. So far, I am delighted to experience such a great keyboard. Keychron K3 is lightweight, comfortable, and super satisfying to type. Plus, the sound is not too loud for which I can use it anywhere I want to without causing any disturbance. Highly recommended if you are a Mac user who travels a lot.

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