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ZIFRIEND ZA87 RGB Wired Mechanical Keyboard-Purple Pink-TNT Linear Switch

  • Key Number: 87
  • Full Key 5 Pin Hotswappable Switches
  • Zifriend Pre Lubed Switches
  • Sound Dampening Foam
  • Volume Knob
  • Per Key RGB
  • Mac OS supported and Mac OS Legend
  • Side RGB
  • N Key rollover
  • Type C detachable
  • Software Control
  • Click Here to Download The software>>Click Here


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Introducing the Zifriend ZA87 87 Keys RGB Wired Mechanical Keyboard – a cutting-edge addition to any enthusiast’s setup. This compact TKL keyboard is crafted for those who demand precision, performance, and style in their typing experience. With its sleek design and premium features, the ZA87 sets a new standard for mechanical keyboards.

Equipped with custom TNT Linear Yellow Switches, each keystroke on the ZA87 delivers smooth responsiveness and satisfying feedback. The positioning plate, reinforced with EVA sandwich cotton, ensures durability and stability during intense typing sessions. This keyboard isn’t just about function; it’s also a feast for the eyes. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant RGB lighting, with customizable options including side, back, full board, and per-key RGB effects, all controllable through intuitive software.

But it’s not just about looks – the ZA87 is designed with comfort and practicality in mind. Its ergonomic design and waterproof construction provide comfort and peace of mind during extended use. Plus, with adjustable double-ended foot support and compatibility across Win, Mac, and IOS platforms, it’s a versatile addition to any workspace or gaming setup.

  • Number of Keys: 87 Keys (TKL)
  • Switch Type: 5-pin hot-swap, TNT Linear Switch
  • Positioning Plate: EVA sandwich cotton
  • Base Pad: Silicon Base pad
  • PCB: Kailh Full 5 pin hot-swap
  • Stabilizers and Switches: Prelubed
  • Modes: MAC OS mode / Windows Modes switching
  • RGB Lighting: Side RGB, Back RGB, Full board RGB, Per Key RGB (Software controlled)
  • Interface: TYPE C Wired
  • Keycaps: ABS High-quality Double shot
  • Support: Ergonomics, Waterproof
  • Adjustments: Adjustable double-ended foot support
  • Compatibility: Universal for Win/Mac/IOS
  1. Compact TKL design with 87 keys.
  2. Custom TNT Linear Yellow Switches for smooth keystrokes.
  3. Positioning plate with EVA sandwich cotton for durability.
  4. Silicon Base pad for stability during intense typing sessions.
  5. Kailh Full 5-pin hot-swap PCB for customizable switch options.
  6. Pre-lubed stabilizers and switches for enhanced typing experience.
  7. MAC OS mode / Windows Modes switching for versatile compatibility.
  8. RGB lighting options including side, back, full board, and per-key RGB.
  9. Ergonomic design and waterproof construction for comfortable and worry-free usage.
  10. Adjustable double-ended foot support for customizable typing angles.
  11. TYPE C Wired interface for reliable connectivity.
  12. ABS high-quality double-shot keycaps for long-lasting durability.
Full Key 5 Pin Hotswappable Switches

One of the standout features of the Zifriend ZA87 is its 5 pin hot-swappable switches. This means that the keyboard is designed to allow the user to swap out switches easily without requiring any special tools or technical knowledge. This feature enables gamers to experiment with different types of switches and find the one that suits their style of gameplay best.

Zifriend Pre Lubed Switches

Zifriend ZA87 comes with zifriend’s very own prelubed Tnt Linear switches which gives the user a satisfying feeling while long term typing and using. The switches are Tnt Yellow Switches which are of linear characteristics.

Prelubed stabilizer

The Zifriend za87 keyboard is equipped with prelubed stabilizers, ensuring smooth key movement and reduced rattle. This feature eliminates the need for manual lubrication, saving time and effort while providing a superior typing experience.

Sound Dampening Foam

Zifriend ZA87 is one of few keyboards that come with a sound dampening foam at this budget. The sound dampening foam adds an extra layer of weight and depth to the keyboards sound signature making it superior to other boards at this budget range.

Volume Knob

Zifriend ZA87 comes with a volume knob which is one of the most wanted and used features of a mechanical keyboard. The knob can be used to adjust volume at any time without using extra function buttons or going to the desktop.

Per Key RGB

Zifriend ZA87 comes with Fully Customizable Per Key RGB. It can be used to customize RGB according to the users own preference. It can be used to make unlimited combinations. Your imagination is your limit.

Mac OS supported and Mac OS Legend

Unlike other keyboards Zifriend ZA87 comes with native Mac OS support and also has separate legends for Mac OS which gives the user the benefit of switching to Mac OS without getting confused about anything.

Two Step Adjustable feet

There are different people with their different sweet spot of Keyboard height. Some enjoy high heights and some low. Zifriend gives support for 2 step adjustable feet giving users the independence of choosing whichever height they like.

Side RGB

Zifriend comes with the aesthetic design of RGB at the side which gives it a unique and bold look.

N Key rollover

N-Key rollover is the ability of a computer keyboard to correctly handle several simultaneous keystrokes. So the user doesn’t have any wrong inputs no matter how many key they press at a time.

Type C detachable

Zifriend comes with a detachable  type C cable. Making it universally compatible with almost any popular device.

Warranty: 1 Year

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