Zifriend KA101 (104 Keys) Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard Red/Blue Switches, White

  • Tenkeyless(TKL) Hotswappable compact layout with neccessary function keys in 104 keys
  • With the Scientific Ergonomic stair-up keycap design brings maximum comfort
  • Media Function Keys Helps You Control Media While Gaming
  • Different Switches to Custom, includes dust-proof switches
  • Full Keys Anti-ghosting, friendly to use, ensuring smooth gaming experience
  • Freely transformable RGB backlit settings
  • Mechanical Shaft
  • Double-Shot Molding Keycap

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The Zifriend KA101 keyboard also offers hotswappable key switches. This means you can easily replace and customize the switches without soldering or complex disassembly. Hotswappability allows you to tailor your typing experience by swapping in different switch types, whether you prefer tactile, clicky, or linear switches, all without the need for advanced technical skills or equipment. This feature enhances the keyboard’s versatility and lets you fine-tune it to match your specific typing preferences.

Dynamic RGB Backlit

The Zifriend KA101 keyboard boasts dynamic RGB Backlit that allows you to freely customize the backlighting to suit your preferences. With a range of colors and lighting effects at your disposal, you can create an immersive and visually appealing typing experience.

Mechanical Shaft

The Zifriend KA101 keyboard features mechanical key switches that are renowned for their longevity and tactile feedback. These switches are designed to withstand up to 50 million keystrokes, ensuring that your keyboard remains reliable and responsive even with extended use.

Drive-Free Connection

Enjoy the convenience of a drive-free connection with the Zifriend KA101 keyboard. This means you can simply plug it into your computer, and it should work seamlessly without the need for additional driver installations. It offers a hassle-free setup process, making it suitable for a wide range of devices.

Double-Shot Molding Key Cap

The Zifriend KA101 keyboard is equipped with double-shot molding keycaps, enhancing both durability and aesthetics. These keycaps feature a two-layer construction that not only makes them more resistant to wear but also ensures that the key legends (letters/characters) never fade, maintaining their crisp appearance over time. No greasy feeling after long-time use

Delicate Touch

Experience a delicate and satisfying typing touch with the Zifriend KA101 keyboard. Its responsive keys provide a comfortable and enjoyable typing experience, making it a suitable choice for extended use. No matter how long your typing sessions last, the keyboard’s delicate touch will keep you comfortable and productive.


Tilt design, ultra-fast triggering improve efficiency and reduce pressure to fingers.


Rounded corners,rectangular design,PBT Cap make more stronger sense of line.





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