Weikav Sugar65 Aluminum 65% Barebone Kit(Knob)

  • Full CNC 6063 Aluminum Body
  • 65% Layout
  • FR4 Positioning Plate
  • Wired Connectivity
  • Gasket Mount (Similar to QK65)
  • 4 Layers of Sound Dampening
  • Metal Knob
  • Full Per Key RGB
  • JWK Hotswap Socket


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Material: Full CNC-machined 6063 Aluminum Body

Crafted with precision, the keyboard features a solid body made entirely of 6063 aluminum. This material not only ensures robustness but also exudes a premium feel, making it both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Layout: 65% Compact Design

The keyboard boasts a 65% layout, striking the ideal balance between compactness and functionality. This design provides ample space on your desk while retaining essential keys, catering to both casual users and hardcore enthusiasts.

Plate: Advanced FR4 Positioning Plate

Equipped with an advanced FR4 positioning plate, the keyboard guarantees optimal key stability and responsiveness. Each keystroke feels precise and effortless, enhancing the overall typing experience for users.

Connectivity: Wired Connectivity for Reliable Performance

The keyboard features wired connectivity, ensuring a reliable and lag-free user experience. Whether you’re engaged in intense gaming sessions or demanding productivity tasks, this keyboard provides a seamless and responsive connection.

Mounting System: Gasket Mount for Exceptional Typing Feel

Utilizing a gasket mount system, similar to the renowned QK65, the keyboard offers an exceptional typing experience. This innovative mounting method provides a subtle bounce in each keystroke, enhancing typing comfort and tactile feedback.

Price of  Weikav Sugar65 Aluminum 65% Barebone Kit(Knob) in Bangladesh
The best price of Weikav Sugar65 Aluminum 65% Barebone Kit(Knob)   in Bangladesh is 7800?. You can buy the Weikav Sugar65 Aluminum 65% Barebone Kit(Knob) at the best price in Bangladesh from Vibe Gaming on our website and our showroom.


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