VGN F1 Pro 4Khz Gaming Mouse White

  • Weight: Ultra-lightweight at just 49g.
  • Sensor: PAW3395 optical sensor for precise tracking.
  • Battery Life: Up to 130 hours on a full charge.
  • Connectivity: Supports 2.4GHz wireless and wired modes.
  • Control Chip: Flagship-level Nordic main control chip.
  • Customization: Adjustable sensitivity, button functions, and lighting effects via VGN HUB.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


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Introducing the VGN Dragonfly F1 Pro, a revolutionary gaming mouse designed for high-performance gameplay. Weighing just 49 grams, its ultra-lightweight design allows for effortless control and extended gaming sessions without fatigue. The ergonomic structure, complete with curved buttons, enhances comfort and responsiveness.

Equipped with the cutting-edge PAW3395 optical sensor, the Dragonfly F1 Pro ensures unparalleled precision and accuracy in every movement. This high-performance sensor, combined with the flagship-level Nordic main control chip, delivers a smooth gaming experience with no lag or latency.

The Dragonfly F1 Pro supports both 2.4GHz wireless and wired connections, offering flexibility for any gaming setup. With Smart Speed Wireless Technology, you can switch seamlessly between modes, ensuring a reliable and interference-resistant connection. The mouse also boasts an impressive battery life of up to 130 hours on a full charge, allowing for long gaming marathons without interruption.

Customizability is at your fingertips with the VGN HUB Self-Developed Driver, where you can adjust button functions, sensitivity levels, and even lighting effects. Plus, the golden black mamba microswitch, developed by VGN, adds a smooth and tactile feel to every click.

The Dragonfly F1 Pro is backed by a 1-year warranty, ensuring you can focus on the game with confidence. If you’re looking for a lightweight, high-precision gaming mouse that meets the demands of competitive gaming, the VGN Dragonfly F1 Pro is your ultimate choice.

  • Equipped with PAW3395 optical sensor
  • Utilizes Nordic main control chip
  • Weighs just 49g for effortless control
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels for personalized gameplay
  • Extended battery life of up to 130 hours
  • Supports 2.4GHz wireless and wired connections
  • Product dimensions designed for comfortable use
  • Compatible with a wide range of gaming setups
Ultra-Lightweight Performance:

Weighing in at just 49g, the Dragonfly F1 Series features a revolutionary lightweight design that defies imagination. Its ultra-lightweight mold and ergonomic curved buttons ensure fatigue-free gaming sessions, while the TTC Silver Wheel and Kailh GE2.0 encoder offer seamless navigation.

Flagship Sensor for Precision:

Powered by the PAW3395 Sensor, the Dragonfly F1 Series delivers unparalleled precision, enabling you to hit your targets with pinpoint accuracy. The golden black mamba microswitch, customized by VGN, provides a smooth and tactile feel, rejecting accidental double-clicks and enhancing your gaming control.

Nordic Master Chip:

the flagship-level Nordic main control chip ensures outstanding performance, with faster, stronger, and power-efficient connectivity.

Smart Speed Wireless Technology:

Experience interference-resistant wireless transmission technology that eliminates lags and latency, ensuring you stay ahead in the heat of battle. Switch seamlessly between 2.4GHz and wired connections for added convenience.

Extended Battery Life:

Dominate the game with the Dragonfly F1 Series’ extended battery life of up to 130 hours on a full charge. The Dragonfly F1 Pro and Pro Max versions offer even more gameplay hours, with 65 and 55g weights respectively.

VGN HUB Self-Developed Driver:

Unlock the true potential of your Dragonfly F1 Series mouse with the VGN HUB Self-Developed Driver. Customize button functions, sensitivity levels, and lighting effects to suit your gaming style.

Warranty: 1 Year
Price of VGN F1 Pro 4Khz Gaming Mouse in Bangladesh
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