Value-Top T22IF 21.5″ 75Hz FHD IPS Monitor

  • Resolution: FHD (1920×1080)
  • Display: IPS, 75Hz, 5ms
  • Ports: HDMI, VGA, Audio in, DC
  • VESA Wall Mount
  • Built-in Speaker

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The Value Top T22IF is a high-quality 21.5-inch Full HD LED Monitor designed to elevate your viewing experience with its impressive features and sleek design. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this monitor ensures sharp and clear visuals, making it ideal for both work and entertainment purposes. One of the standout features of this monitor is its IPS (In-Plane Switching) display technology. IPS panels provide excellent color reproduction and wide viewing angles, allowing you to enjoy vibrant and accurate colors even when viewing the screen from different positions. The H178° horizontal and V178° vertical viewing angles ensure that you won’t experience color distortion or loss of detail, enhancing your overall visual experience. The Value Top T22IF monitor boasts a 75Hz refresh rate, which means smoother motion and reduced motion blur, making it a great choice for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts. Whether you’re indulging in fast-paced gaming action or watching high-definition videos, the monitor delivers a fluid and immersive experience. The contrast ratio of 1000:1 ensures deeper blacks and brighter whites, providing a greater level of detail and clarity in the displayed content. This makes the monitor suitable for various tasks, from editing photos and videos to enjoying movies and TV shows with excellent contrast. With a brightness level of 250cd/m², the Value Top T22IF ensures sufficient brightness for comfortable viewing even in well-lit environments. This, combined with its anti-glare coating, reduces reflections and eye strain, allowing you to work or play for extended periods without discomfort. The monitor’s slim and modern design in a sleek black color adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace or gaming setup. It comes with a VESA mount (100x100mm with 4 holes) for easy wall mounting, saving desk space and providing more flexible placement options. Furthermore, the 5ms response time minimizes ghosting and motion blur, enhancing the monitor’s performance in fast-paced applications and gaming scenarios.

Display Features
Display Size 21.5″
Display Type LED
Panel Type IPS
Resolution FHD (1920×1080)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Viewing Angle 178°(H)/178°(V)
Brightness 250cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Refresh Rate 75Hz
Color Support 16.7M
Response Time 5ms
Curvature Flat
Audio Features
Speaker (Built In) Yes
Audio Jack Audio In
Physical Specification
Color Black
  • Full HD Resolution (1920 X 1080): The monitor boasts a Full HD resolution, providing sharp and detailed visuals for work, gaming, and multimedia consumption. This resolution ensures clarity and vividness in every image displayed on the screen.
  • IPS Display Technology: The monitor utilizes In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which offers superior color reproduction and wider viewing angles compared to traditional TN panels. With IPS, users can enjoy accurate and vibrant colors from almost any angle without experiencing color distortion.
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate: The monitor’s 75Hz refresh rate ensures smoother motion and reduced motion blur, making it well-suited for gaming and multimedia tasks. The higher refresh rate provides a more fluid and immersive experience when engaging in fast-paced activities.
  • High Contrast Ratio (1000:1): The 1000:1 contrast ratio allows for deeper blacks and brighter whites, resulting in better image clarity and a more immersive viewing experience. This feature is beneficial for activities like photo editing and watching high-definition movies.
  • Wide Viewing Angle (H178° V178°): The monitor offers a wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees, ensuring consistent and accurate colors even when viewing the screen from different positions. It reduces color shifts and provides uniform image quality across the display.
  • Low Response Time (5ms): With a quick 5ms response time, the monitor minimizes motion blur and ghosting, enhancing its performance in fast-paced applications and gaming scenarios. Users can enjoy smooth and responsive visuals during action-packed gameplay.
  • Adjustable Brightness (250cd/m²): The monitor’s brightness of 250cd/m² ensures comfortable viewing in various lighting conditions. It provides sufficient brightness for most tasks while also reducing eye strain, especially when working for extended periods.
  • VESA Mount Compatibility (100x100mm): The monitor features a VESA mount with a 100x100mm pattern and four holes, allowing for easy wall mounting. This feature provides flexibility in setting up the monitor and saves valuable desk space.
  • Sleek and Modern Design: The monitor comes in a stylish black color with a slim profile, adding a touch of elegance to any workspace or gaming setup. Its aesthetically pleasing design complements various environments.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED technology used in the monitor is known for its energy-efficient performance, consuming less power than traditional LCD monitors. This feature helps reduce electricity costs and is environmentally friendly.
Warranty: 3 Years
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