Redragon RR550 8GB DDR4 3200HZ U-DIMM Desktop Ram

  • Capacity 8GB
  • RAM Type DDR4
  • Bus Speed 3200
  • Voltage 1.2V
  • CAS Latency: 22-22-22-52
  • Dimension: 13.3×3.1×0.14CM


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Introducing the Redragon RR550 8GB DDR4 3200HZ U-DIMM Desktop RAM, your gateway to enhanced desktop performance. This high-performance memory module boasts an ample 8GB capacity, perfect for multitasking and demanding applications. Operating at a blazing 3200MHz bus speed, it ensures swift data transfers, complemented by a low CAS latency of 22-22-22-52 for rapid access to stored data. Its unbuffered design and DDR4 technology deliver efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal choice for gaming, multitasking, and memory-intensive tasks. With a compact form factor and sleek black design, it seamlessly integrates into any desktop setup. Plus, with low power consumption and a three-year warranty, the Redragon RR550 RAM module promises both energy efficiency and long-term reliability. Upgrade your desktop experience today with the Redragon RR550.

  • High-Speed Performance: Operating at a bus speed of 3200MHz and a speed rating of 51.2GB/s, this RAM module ensures lightning-fast responsiveness, making it perfect for demanding tasks.
  • DDR4 Technology: Leveraging DDR4 technology, this RAM module offers improved efficiency and faster data transfer rates compared to previous generations, ensuring smoother performance.
  • Low Power Consumption: With an approximate power consumption of 1-3W, this RAM module is energy-efficient, contributing to reduced power usage and heat generation in your system.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of desktop systems, this RAM module seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, providing hassle-free installation and operation.
  • Warranty: Backed by a three-year warranty, the Redragon RR550 8GB DDR4 3200HZ U-DIMM Desktop RAM offers peace of mind and long-term reliability for your computing needs.
  • Compact Design: Featuring a compact dimension of 13.3×3.1×0.14CM, this RAM module is designed for easy installation and compatibility with various desktop configurations.
  • Brand: REDRAGON
  • Model: RR550
  • Capacity: 8GB
  • RAM Type: DDR4
  • Bus Speed: 3200MHz
  • CAS Latency: 22-22-22-52
  • Module: U-DIMM
  • Speed Rating: 51.2GB/s
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Approx. Power Consumption: 1-3W
  • Number of Pin: 288 Pin
  • Dimension: 13.3×3.1×0.14CM
  • Color: Black
Additional Information:
  • LED Lighting Support: No
  • RGB Fusion Support: No
  • Performance Profile: SPD
  • Lighting Software Support: No
Warranty : Lifetime warranty
Price of Redragon RR550 8GB DDR4 3200HZ U-DIMM Desktop Ram in Bangladesh
The best price of Redragon RR550 8GB DDR4 3200HZ U-DIMM Desktop Ram in Bangladesh is 2550৳. You can buy the Redragon RR550 8GB DDR4 3200HZ U-DIMM Desktop Ram at the best price in Bangladesh from Vibe Gaming on our website and our showroom.


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