Redragon K649 ELF PRo Mechanical Keyboard

Model : K649 ELF PRO
Type : Mechanical Keyboard
Interface : Transparent Style, REDRAGON GASKET OUT
Connection Type : Detachable USB-C , BT 3.0/5.0 & 2.4Ghz Wireless modes
Keys : 82 Keys, Hot-Swappable
Switch : Translucent Custom Silver Switch
Lighting Type : RGB
Others : Double Noise dampening


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Unparalleled Typing Experience with Gasket Technology:

Elevate your typing with the Redragon K649 78% Wireless Gasket RGB Gaming Keyboard, featuring innovative gasket technology for reduced noise and a flexible typing feel. Precision-locked covers and a gasket design deliver a crisp and satisfying keystroke for ultimate typing performance during gaming and work.

Advanced Tri-Mode Connection:

Stay connected without limits with the Redragon K649. Its tri-mode connection technology, including USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0, and 2.4 GHz wireless, ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions and an enhanced user experience.

Illuminate Your Gaming Setup:

Enhance your gaming setup with the Redragon K649’s trendsetting full-transparent design, allowing glorious light to shine through transparent keycaps, switches, and board. Mesmerizing RGB backlighting creates a captivating light show, customizable to match your style and create a truly immersive gaming environment.

Immerse in Pure Sound with Double Noise Dampening:

Experience the Redragon K649 with double noise dampening technology, significantly reducing sound resonance and cavity noise. Enjoy a clear and pure switch-traveling sound, creating a quiet and focused gaming environment with precise and satisfying keystrokes.

Enhanced Layout for Maximum Efficiency:

The Redragon K649 features an innovative 82 keys layout for optimal efficiency, maintaining the 65% layout’s length while eliminating the numpad. Introducing a TOP function keys zone eliminates cumbersome FN combo keys, offering more convenience for seamless mouse movement, productivity, and gaming performance.

Upgraded Hot-Swap for Seamless Customization:

Upgrade your gaming experience with the Redragon K649’s advanced hot-swap feature. Compatible with nearly all switches (3/5 pins), the free-mod hot-swappable socket allows effortless and stable switch mounting. Customize your keyboard effortlessly to find your ideal combination, achieving the perfect typing and gaming experience tailored to your preferences.

Price of Redragon K649 ELF PRo Mechanical Keyboard in Bangladesh

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