Rapoo VT9PRO Lightweight Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse – White

  • Programmable button: 10
  • Connection Type: Wired/Wireless Mode
  • Sensor Technology: PAW3398
  • DPI: 50-26000
  • Acceleration: 50G
  • Weight: 68g
  • Port: Type-C


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Rapoo VT9PRO Gaming Mouse Price in Bangladesh

A truly exceptional gaming experience must combine precision, speed, and customization in the ever-evolving world of gaming accessories. Introducing the Rapoo VT9PRO Gaming Mouse, a technological and aesthetic marvel that completely reimagines the world of gaming accessories. The Rapoo VT9PRO gaming mouse represents innovation, performance, and style, and is proudly presented by Global Brand Pvt Ltd in Bangladesh, your dependable partner in ICT product distribution.

C+ Click: Elevate Your Gaming Speed

The Rapoo VT9PRO is engineered with the revolutionary C+ Click technology, providing you with pre-calibrated clicks that ensure quicker trigger response. This innovation means that every click you make is translated into in-game actions with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Whether you’re lining up the perfect shot or executing complex maneuvers, the VT9PRO ensures that your intentions are executed without delay.

Precision at Your Fingertips: PAW 3398 Sensor

The heart of the Rapoo VT9PRO lies in its PAW 3398 sensor. Boasting a staggering 26,000 DPI, 650 IPS tracking, and 50G acceleration, this sensor transforms your every movement into pixel-perfect precision. Whether you’re engaging in fast-paced first-person shooters or navigating intricate strategy games, the VT9PRO’s sensor ensures that your actions are translated flawlessly on the screen.

Lightweight Dominance: 68g of Agility

Gaming sessions can be intense, and a gaming mouse that caters to prolonged use is essential. The Rapoo VT9PRO strikes the perfect balance between performance and comfort with its featherweight design, tipping the scales at just 68g. This lightweight build ensures that your actions are swift and effortless, minimizing fatigue during extended gameplay.

Unleash Customization: 10 Programmable Buttons

Your gaming style is unique, and the VT9PRO understands that. With 10 programmable buttons at your disposal, you have the power to assign commands and macros that align with your playstyle. Whether it’s executing complex combos or accessing in-game features with a single click, the VT9PRO empowers you to take control of your gaming destiny.

Perfect LOD and Response: 11 LOD Adjustment and 1ms Response

Lift-off distance (LOD) adjustment is vital for gamers who demand precise control. The VT9PRO offers 11 levels of LOD adjustment, ensuring that the mouse stops tracking when lifted according to your preference. Additionally, the 1ms response time guarantees that your actions are registered with lightning speed, giving you the edge in crucial moments.

Product Model Rapoo VT9PRO
Transmission mode Wired/Wireless Mode
Sensor PAW3398
DPI 50-26000
Tracking Speed 650IPS
Acceleration 50G
Polling Rate 125/250/500/1000Hz;1000/2000/4000Hz(Under 4KHz mode)
Product dimension(L*W*H mm) 124.9*67.1*40.2mm
Programmable button 10
Response speed 8/4/2/1ms;1/0.5/0.25ms(Under 4KHz mode)
Weight 68g
Design highlights Hand type: Symmetrical, middle hand Gesture: Claw/Palm/Finger grip
Power life time 800mAh, up to 160hrs
Wireless charging Yes
Battery type lithium battery, 800mAh
Main button switch click Separated, Omron 50 million
Wire 1.8M length, paracord, U-shaped gold-plated, Velcro
Port Type-C
Accessory Receiver, cable, adapter, anti-slip sticker, foot pad
Function description Driver, macro definition for button, cutomize d multifunction button
Warranty: 2 Year
Price of Rapoo VT9PRO Lightweight Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse - White in Bangladesh
The best price of Rapoo VT9PRO Lightweight Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse - White in Bangladesh is 5500৳. You can buy the Rapoo VT9PRO Lightweight Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse - White at the best price in Bangladesh from Vibe Gaming on our website and our showroom.


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