Rapoo V500PRO Yellow-Blue Backlit Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

  • Rapoo autonomous game axis
  • PBT two-color injection keycaps
  • Pure white backlight, multiple modes
  • Spill-resistant design
  • Conflict-free design for all keys

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Rapoo V500PRO Yellow-Blue Backlit Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Rapoo V500PRO Yellow-Blue Backlit Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is fun and very efficient to use. This Rapoo V500PRO Yellow-Blue Backlit Gaming Mechanical Keyboard has 4.0 (±0.4) mm of key travel distance with a conflict-free design to ensure precise keystrokes. The spill-resistant design means you can spill a drink and could care less about dire circumstances!  These machinal keyboards are built to take abuse, each key offers an outstanding 60 million keystrokes of life span. The Aluminum alloy cover oozes a premium vibe in day-to-day work. The full-size keyboard takes much less space due to its compact profile. The White  Backlit is the chef’s kiss of the overall package that Rapoo has offered for new-gen gamers. It has Rapoo autonomous game axis, PBT two-color injection keycaps, Pure white backlight, multiple modes, and All 104 keys without conflict.

  • Key Travel Distance: Enjoy a satisfying typing experience with 4.0 (±0.4) mm of key travel distance, ensuring precise keystrokes for optimal gameplay.
  • Conflict-Free Design: Say goodbye to input conflicts with the conflict-free design, guaranteeing each keystroke is registered accurately.
  • Spill-Resistant Design: Don’t let spills ruin your gaming session! The spill-resistant design ensures your keyboard remains safe even in dire circumstances.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand abuse, this mechanical keyboard offers an impressive 60 million keystrokes lifespan for each key, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Compact Profile: Despite being a full-size keyboard, its compact profile takes up minimal space on your desk, maximizing your gaming setup’s efficiency.
  • Aluminum Alloy Cover: The aluminum alloy cover not only adds durability but also exudes a premium vibe, making it suitable for day-to-day work tasks.
  • Pure White Backlight: Enhance your gaming ambiance with the pure white backlight, adding a touch of elegance to your gaming setup.
  • Rapoo Autonomous Game Axis: Benefit from the Rapoo autonomous game axis, ensuring smooth and responsive gameplay for an immersive gaming experience.
  • PBT Two-Color Injection Keycaps: Enjoy enhanced durability and tactile feedback with PBT two-color injection keycaps, designed to withstand intense gaming sessions.
  • Multiple Modes: Switch between different modes effortlessly to suit your gaming preferences, ensuring a personalized gaming experience.
  • All 104 Keys Without Conflict: Every key on this keyboard works independently, allowing you to execute complex commands seamlessly without any conflicts.
  • Cable Length: 180cm
  • Color: Yellow-Blue
  • Dimensions: 43413136.5mm
  • Interface: Wired, USB
  • Keys: 60 million times key life
  • Pure White Backlight
  • All 104 keys without conflict
  • PBT two-color injection keycaps
  • Mechanical Axis
  • System Requirements: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Type: Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
  • Weight: About 815±15g

Elevate your gaming experience with the Rapoo V500PRO Yellow-Blue Backlit Gaming Mechanical Keyboard. With its durable construction, customizable backlighting, and exceptional performance, it’s the perfect companion for your gaming adventures.

Warranty: 2 Year
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