MONKA AE75 RGB Gasket Mechanical Keyboard Tri-Mode Hotswappable

MONKA AE75 is a compact 75% mechanical keyboard that offers a super smooth typing experience with its rich gasket-mounted structure and silicone padded sandwich layer. MONKA has released the AE75 with two of their custom-developed mechanical switches, Sea Salt, and Sakura Pink. It also offers users to customize the keyboard as per their preference with hot-swappable sockets supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin switches. MONKA AE75 is a fantastic compact keyboard ideal for both office and entertainment use!


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Clean, Smooth, Comfortable Typing With Gasket Mounted Structure Design:-

In order to ensure comfort and quality typing experience, MONKA has designed the latest AE75 mechanical keyboard using a Gasket mounted structure design. The keyboard plate is placed firmly between the top and bottom covers using soft gasket mounts allowing for a flexible rebound on each keystroke.

Silicone Sandwich Layer For Softer Acoustics:-

MONKA has placed a silicone sandwich layer right underneath the keyboard plate housing the mechanical switch sockets. This not only fills the empty space inside the keyboard cavity giving the keyboard a heavy and solid build but also softens the sound and typing feedback of each keystroke. This along with Gasket Structure promises quality typing with the AE75.

Durable Oil & Wear-Resistant Dual-Tone PBT Keycaps:-

AE75 mechanical keyboard houses high-quality premium Dual-Tone PBT material keycaps. The PBT material gives the keycaps a rich, premium, smooth finish that is highly durable with oil and wear resistant. You won’t see the legends fading off anytime soon on the MONKA AE75.

Premium Customized Mechanical Switches & Hot-Swappable Sockets:-

MONKA AE75 features customized mechanical switch options. The keyboard is available in Sea Salt(Tactile), and Sakura Pink(Linear) switches. Both switches offer smooth typing with a solid build. They have transparent top-cover with a long spring that helps in a quick rebound. The keyboard also supports hot-swappable sockets supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin switches.

Dynamic RGB Backlight With Multiple Pre-Built Lighting Effects:-

MONKA AE75 keyboard features a multicolor RGB backlight with over 21 lighting effects pre-built. Users can also adjust the lighting with rhythmic musical effects using the keyboard driver software.

Customized Software For Easy Settings:-

MONKA AE75 keyboard supports customized software for RGB programming and also swapping different functions between programmable keys. Different RGB effects can also be adjusted using this software.

Three-Mode Connectivity:-

AE75 is a highly versatile keyboard, it’s highly compatible with most devices out there. It supports Wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity supporting Windows, Android, and Apple devices straight out of the box.

Warranty :- 1 Year

Additional information

Weight .7 kg

Black, White, Tiffany Blue


Sakura Pink, Sea Salt

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