Kaloc KLC M360 17-35 inch LCD/LED Monitor Single Arm Desk Mount Stand

  • Type: Monitor Mount Stand
  • Loading Capacity: 12 Kg
  • Fit: 17 – 35 Inch
  • Weigh: 2 kg


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Dimension and Load Capacity

With dimensions of 450 x 200 x 100mm, this stand is built to accommodate monitors ranging from 17 to 35 inches. Its impressive load capacity of 12 kg ensures stability and durability, supporting a wide range of displays.

Durable Material

Crafted from cold-rolled steel (SPCC), the stand’s construction ensures robustness and longevity, protecting your valuable monitor investment.

Gas Spring Operation: The gas spring operation enables effortless adjustments, allowing you to smoothly position your monitor for optimal viewing angles. This feature not only saves energy but also provides a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Enhanced Ergonomics

The stand is designed to cater to your ergonomic needs, with the ability to tilt left and right up to 180 degrees and a tilt range of -50 to +35 degrees. These adjustments contribute to reduced neck and eye strain, promoting comfortable prolonged usage.

Space-Saving Specialty

By mounting on the wall, the stand maximizes your workspace efficiency. It eliminates the need for a traditional table stand, freeing up valuable desk space and creating a clutter-free environment.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The all-black design adds an elegant touch to your workspace. Its aesthetic appeal seamlessly integrates with various office or home setups.

Height Adjustability

The stand allows you to adjust the height as low as desired, ensuring a customized viewing experience that suits individual preferences.

Cable Management

The stand features a dedicated section to help organize and manage cables, keeping your workspace tidy and free from clutter.


With VESA mounts of 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm, the stand supports a wide array of monitor brands and sizes, offering versatility and flexibility.

Single Arm Design

Designed to support a single monitor, the stand’s single arm configuration enhances stability and provides an unobstructed view.

Weight and Portability

Weighing only 2 kg, the stand is lightweight and easy to install. This portability ensures hassle-free setup and relocation.

Price of Kaloc KLC M360 17-35 inch LCD/LED Monitor Single Arm Desk Mount Stand in Bangladesh
The best price of Kaloc KLC M360 17-35 inch LCD/LED Monitor Single Arm Desk Mount Stand is 4,500৳. You can buy the Kaloc KLC M360 17-35 inch LCD/LED Monitor Single Arm Desk Mount Stand at the best price in Bangladesh from Vibe Gaming on our website and our showroom.


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