Horizon “Apex-BGRA” Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Horizon “Apex-BGRA” Ergonomic Gaming Chair has Relaxing tilt mechanism with lock & tension adjuster, Lumbar Support & Neck Support, Adjustable 3D armrest, Weight Capacity: 140 kg.


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Horizon Apex-BGRA Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Horizon “Apex-BGRA” Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a multi-tasking, premium-quality chair with an ergonomic design that is made to last and provides the utmost comfort. It is one of the top-grade chairs on the market because of its ergonomic design, solid and robust metal frame interior construction, and high-quality BIFMA & SGS-approved components. It ensures a comfortable, unobstructed sitting position. The construction is made such that it won’t obstruct a person’s ability to move their arms, shoulders, elbows, or thighs freely. Two wings on either side of the seat have been kept to a minimum height so as not to obstruct the user’s thigh on either side. At the same time, doing so gave the chair a sophisticated appearance. The seat, back, and ply of Horizon Apex-BGRA Ergonomic Gaming Chair are all composed of metal to provide longevity. Years of use ought should be possible. To ensure the utmost comfort This product is made of high-density [HD] comfort series foam.

Multi-lock Recliner Butterfly Mechanism

This Horizon “Apex-BGRA” Ergonomic Gaming Chair  uses a multi-function, multi-lock recliner butterfly mechanism. to provide the user with the highest level of back adjustment in all kinds of work situations and positions. When we sit for extended periods of time while working, our bodies naturally desire to lean forward, lean back, or relax for a moment. This chair is designed to provide precisely that essential characteristic for people who must sit for extended periods of time.

Relaxing Tilt Mechanism with Lock & Tension Adjuster

Not only can the back of Horizon Apex-BGRA Ergonomic Gaming Chair recline 180 degrees, but it also includes an additional mechanism. that is referred to as a “central point tilt mechanism.” The user can enjoy the “rocking motion chair” feature after reclining the chair back to 110–120 degrees by unlocking the tilt mechanism.

Adjustable 3D Armrest

Using an adjustable 3D armrest, create the ideal ergonomics. You can move them backward or forward and modify their height. Additionally, you have the choice of three rotating positions (straight, left, and right). Although the armrest is primarily made of metal, the top has a soft pad for user comfort.

Built with Comfort-enhancing Features

The design of Horizon “Apex-BGRA” Ergonomic Gaming Chair takes into account factors like posture, comfort, support, and health in order to provide the human body with the best possible support. Our ergonomically built gaming chairs contain many comfort-enhancing features, such as reclining, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat height, adjustable arms, and adjustable neck support cushion, all of which are intended to enhance your posture and provide the right support.

Price of Horizon "Apex-BGRA" Ergonomic Gaming Chair in Bangladesh
The best price of Horizon "Apex-BGRA" Ergonomic Gaming Chair is 16,500৳. You can buy the Horizon "Apex-BGRA" Ergonomic Gaming Chair at the best price in Bangladesh from Vibe Gaming on our website and our showroom.


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