GameSir GP-S Gaming Mouse Pad

The GameSir GP-S Gaming Mouse Pad is a high-performance accessory designed to elevate your gaming experience. Its smooth and soft cloth surface ensures effortless mouse movements, delivering precise control and accuracy. The densely woven fabric strikes a perfect balance between speed and control, catering to different gaming styles. The pad’s natural rubber base, featuring an anti-skid and textured design, keeps it stable during intense battles, allowing you to focus on the game without any disruptions. Get Free Shipping Inside Dhaka On Orders Over 2500 Bdt From Vibe Gaming.


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Smooth Soft And Flat Cloth Surface

The GameSir GP-S Gaming Mouse Pad boasts a smooth, soft, and flat cloth surface, providing an optimal gaming experience. Its silky texture allows for effortless mouse movements, ensuring precise control and accuracy during intense gameplay. The cloth surface also offers a comfortable touch, reducing fatigue during extended gaming sessions. With the perfect blend of smoothness and softness, the GP-S mouse pad is a must-have accessory for gamers seeking enhanced performance and comfort.

Smooth Face With Densely Woven Fabric

The GameSir GP-S Gaming Mouse Pad features a smooth face with a densely woven fabric that strikes the perfect balance between speed and control for your hand. Its surface is optimized to offer swift gliding for fast-paced actions while maintaining enough resistance to ensure precise cursor movements. With this combination, the GP-S mouse pad caters to both gamers who prefer quick reflexes and those who demand accurate targeting, making it a versatile choice for various gaming styles.

Natural, Anti-Skid And Textured Rubber Base

The GameSir GP-S Gaming Mouse Pad comes equipped with a natural, anti-skid, and textured rubber base, ensuring stability in the most frenetic gaming battles. The natural rubber material firmly grips onto the desk surface, preventing any unwanted movement or slipping of the pad during intense gameplay. This reliable traction keeps your mind focused on the game without distractions, allowing you to concentrate solely on your gaming performance.

Tech Specs 

Material: Cloth surface + Rubber base

Product Size: 300(L)*250(W)*3mm(H) / 11.81in(L)*9.84in(W)*0.12in(H)

Package Size: 360(L)*260(W)*3mm(H) / 14.17in(L)*10.24in(W)*0.12in(H)

Gross Weight: 141.2g / 0.31lb



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