Fantech WGP14 NOVA PRO V2 Wireless Gaming Controller (Atomic Purple)

  • Interchangeable Sticks: Customizable stick heights for ultimate control.
  • Responsive Touchpad: Accurate swiping and touching for enhanced immersion.
  • Quick-Trigger Locks: Faster trigger pulls for competitive advantage.
  • Mappable Rear Paddles: Assign macros and buttons for seamless actions.
  • Anti-Drift Hall Effect Sticks: Precise input without dead zones.
  • Motion Sensor: 6-axis gyroscope for dynamic gameplay.
  • Dual Connection Modes: BT 5.3 and low-latency wired options.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: PC/Steam, Switch, PS4, PS3, iOS, MacOS, tvOS, Android, Cloud Gaming.


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Introducing the Fantech WGP14 NOVA PRO V2 Wireless Gaming Controller, a versatile and high-performance controller designed to elevate your gaming experience across multiple platforms. Featuring interchangeable sticks, the NOVA PRO allows you to customize stick heights for ultimate control. The responsive touchpad offers precise swiping and touching, enhancing immersion in supported games. With quick-trigger locks, you can enjoy faster trigger pulls, making it a game-changer for FPS titles.

The mappable rear paddles let you assign macros and buttons, keeping your thumbs on the sticks for seamless gameplay actions like reloading or jumping. Equipped with anti-drift hall effect sticks, the NOVA PRO ensures precise input without dead zones, eliminating the frustration of stick drift. The built-in motion sensor with a 6-axis gyroscope enhances gameplay by detecting motion, tilt, and rotation, compatible with Switch and PS4 in wired and wireless modes.

The controller supports dual connection modes, offering both BT 5.3 and low-latency wired options. It boasts four customizable lighting effects to match your gaming mood. With a 600 mAh battery, the NOVA PRO delivers up to 10 hours of playtime and charges fully in just over 2 hours. Compatible with PC/Steam, Switch, PS4, PS3, iOS, MacOS, tvOS, Android, and cloud gaming platforms, the NOVA PRO is your ultimate multi-platform gaming companion.

  • Total Number of Keys: 22
  • Connectivity: BT 5.3, Wired
  • Rumble: Yes
  • Face Button Type: Membrane
  • Turbo: Yes (3 level adjustable modes)
  • Programmable Buttons: 12
  • Battery: 600 mAh
  • Hall-Effect: Analog & Trigger
  • Sensors: 6-Axis Gyroscope
  • Voltage/Current: 3.7 V/ 150 mA
  • Wireless Range: +10 m
  • Charging Time: +2 hours
  • Standby Time: 10 hours
  • Weight: 289 g
  • Compatibility: PC/Steam, Switch, PS4, PS3, iOS, MacOS, tv OS, Android, Cloud Gaming/Game Pass
Interchangeable Sticks for Ultimate Control

Experience unparalleled control in your favorite games with the Fantech WGP14 NOVA PRO V2 Wireless Gaming Controller’s interchangeable sticks. Whether you prefer higher or shorter sticks, the NOVA PRO allows you to instantly swap them out to suit your play style. This customization feature ensures that you always have the best possible grip and precision, giving you an edge in competitive gaming scenarios.

Responsive Touchpad for Enhanced Immersion

The NOVA PRO’s responsive touchpad brings a new level of accuracy and immersion to your gaming experience. This feature supports intuitive swiping and touching, making in-game navigation smoother and more precise. Whether you’re managing inventory or performing intricate actions, the touchpad enhances gameplay by providing an additional layer of control that traditional controllers lack.

Quick-Trigger Locks for Faster Gameplay

Say goodbye to slow trigger pulls with the NOVA PRO’s quick-trigger locks. A simple flick of the switch enables faster trigger responses, a crucial advantage in fast-paced FPS games and other action-packed genres. This feature allows you to react swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that your shots are fired with minimal delay, giving you the competitive edge you need to dominate your opponents.

Mappable Rear Paddles for Seamless Actions

The NOVA PRO is equipped with mappable rear paddles that can be easily assigned to any button or macro. This innovative design means your thumbs never need to leave the sticks, allowing for fluid and uninterrupted gameplay. Whether you need to reload, jump, or execute complex moves, the rear paddles provide convenient on-the-fly customization, streamlining your gaming experience.

Anti-Drift Hall Effect Sticks for Precise Input

Never worry about stick drift again with the NOVA PRO’s premium anti-drift hall effect sticks. These advanced sticks ensure ultra-precise circular input without any dead zones, providing true control over your in-game movements. This technology guarantees consistent performance, allowing you to execute precise maneuvers with confidence, free from the annoyance of drift issues.

Motion Sensor for Dynamic Gameplay

The NOVA PRO features a highly sensitive built-in gyroscope, enhancing your gaming experience with motion, tilt, and rotation detection. This motion sensor is available in wired mode on the Switch platform and compatible with the PS4 in both wired and wireless modes. The dynamic gameplay enabled by this feature adds an extra dimension of interaction, making your gaming sessions more immersive and engaging.

Versatile Multi-Platform Compatibility

Designed for the modern gamer, the NOVA PRO offers ultimate multi-platform capability. Whether you’re gaming on PC/Steam, Switch, PS4, PS3, iOS, MacOS, tvOS, Android, or through cloud gaming services like Game Pass, the NOVA PRO has you covered. Its dual connection modes, including BT 5.3 and low-latency wired connections, ensure that you can easily switch between devices and enjoy seamless gaming anytime, anywhere.

Customizable Lighting Effects and Long Battery Life

Enhance your gaming atmosphere with the NOVA PRO’s four customizable lighting effects, which can be adjusted to match your mood. The controller is powered by a 600 mAh battery, offering up to 10 hours of continuous playtime. With a quick charging time of just over 2 hours, you can spend more time gaming and less time waiting. The NOVA PRO’s robust design and extended battery life make it the perfect companion for marathon gaming sessions.

Warranty: 1 Year

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