Fantech Helios II Pro

  • Experience II.
  • PixArt 3395 Gaming Sensor
  • 55 Grams Ultra Lightweight
  • Fan-Favorite Easy-to-Use Shape
  • True 4K Polling Rate (4K Dongle Sold Separately)
  • Hyper-Tactile TTC Gold Optical Switches
  • F-Switch Tactile Scroll Wheel Encoder
  • High Performance Nordic 52833 ARM® CORTEX® MCU
  • Strikespeed Tri-Mode Connectivity
  • Available in 2 colors!
  • No RGB!

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PixArt 3395 Gaming Sensor:

This is a type of optical sensor commonly used in gaming mice for precise tracking.

55 Grams Ultra Lightweight:

The device is designed to be very lightweight, which can be beneficial for gamers who prefer agile and fast movements.

Fan-Favorite Easy-to-Use Shape:

The design of the mouse is likely ergonomic and user-friendly, appealing to a broad audience.

True 4K Polling Rate (4K Dongle Sold Separately):

The polling rate refers to how often the mouse reports its position to the computer. A 4K polling rate means it communicates with the computer 4000 times per second. The mention of a separate dongle suggests wireless connectivity.

Hyper-Tactile TTC Gold Optical Switches:

These are the switches beneath the mouse buttons. TTC Gold Optical Switches are known for being tactile and responsive.

F-Switch Tactile Scroll Wheel Encoder:

The scroll wheel has a tactile encoder, which means it provides feedback as it’s turned.

High Performance Nordic 52833 ARM® CORTEX® MCU:

This refers to the microcontroller unit (MCU) used in the mouse, suggesting a high-performance chip for efficient processing.

Strikespeed Tri-Mode Connectivity:

This implies the mouse supports multiple connectivity modes, such as wired, wireless, and possibly Bluetooth.

Available in 2 colors! No RGB!:

The mouse is offered in two different colors. Additionally, it does not feature RGB lighting, which might appeal to users who prefer a more minimalist look.

This information provides a comprehensive overview of the key features of the gaming mouse, highlighting its lightweight design, high-performance components, and versatile connectivity options.

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