E-YOOSO Z94 Wired Hot-Swappable Monochrome Backlit Mechanical Keyboard White Switch (Transparent)

  • Layout: 94%
  • Connectivity : Type C
  • Switch: White
  • Lighting: Rainbow Backlit
  • Lifespan: 50 million
  • Hotswap: Fully Hotswappable

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Introducing the E-YOOSO Z94 Wired Hot-Swappable Monochrome Backlit Mechanical Keyboard, a sleek and innovative addition to your desktop setup. With its compact 94-key layout, this keyboard strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and functionality, retaining essential features like the numeric pad and arrow keys for seamless work and gaming experiences.

Featuring a cutting-edge design, the Z94 showcases full-transparency with its fancy, transparent keycaps and switches, allowing vibrant backlighting to shine through for an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. Its true hot-swappable innovation offers remarkable compatibility, ensuring easy switch mounting with minimal wobbling for a seamless typing experience.

In wired mode, the Z94 boasts practicality with its 85% layout, providing separate arrow and number keys for optimal usability. Customize your keyboard’s aesthetics effortlessly with monochrome LED backlit modes, accessible via simple FN+Shift key combinations, catering to DIY enthusiasts and stylish setups.

Equipped with anti-ghosting across all 94 keys and N-key rollover, this keyboard guarantees a responsive and precise gaming experience, allowing multiple simultaneous key presses with ease. Compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows XP to Windows 11, the E-YOOSO Z94 offers versatility and reliability for various setups. With a 1-year warranty, elevate your typing and gaming experiences with the E-YOOSO Z94 Mechanical Keyboard.

  • Number of keys: 94 keys
  • Keyboard material: ABS
  • Keycap material: PC
  • Hot-swap: hot-swap sleeve
  • Connection method: wired connection
  • Button life: 50 million times
  • Backlight mode: monochrome backlight
  • Keyboard structure: sinking structure design
  • Connection return rate: 1000Hz
  • Wire length: about 1.5 meters
  • Available devices: winXP/visa/win8/win10/win11
  • Working current: <180mA
Compact Efficiency with 94 Keys

Elevate your work and gaming experience with the E-YOOSO Z-94 mechanical keyboard, a compact layout featuring 94 keys. By retaining the numeric pad and arrow keys, this keyboard strikes a perfect balance between convenience and functionality for both work and play.

Unveiling Shining Design

The Z-94 boasts a cutting-edge full-transparent fancy design, showcasing keycaps and switches made from transparent materials. This unique piece of electronics on your desktop allows glorious light to shine through at maximum brightness, creating an aesthetically pleasing and trendy atmosphere with its backlit feature.

True Hot-Swap Innovation

Experience true hot-swapping with the transformative innovation of the E-YOOSO Z-94. With a remarkable 99.8%+ switches compatibility, this free-mod hot-swappable keyboard is a game-changer. The exclusive socket design ensures easy switch mounting, minimizing wobbling and providing a seamless experience.

Practical Wired 94 Keys Layout

In wired mode, the E-YOOSO Z-94 caters to users’ needs with a practical 85% layout. It retains separate arrow keys and number keys, offering a 94-key configuration that strikes the perfect balance between compactness and full 104-key functionality. This layout ensures a smooth habit curve for users.

Monochrome Backlit Modes

Elevate your keyboard aesthetics with customizable monochrome LED backlit modes. Easily adjust the backlit modes through FN+Shift key combinations without the need for additional software installation. This feature allows users to personalize their keyboard effortlessly, making it a great choice for those who love to DIY their stylish setup.

Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover

Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with the E-YOOSO Z-94, featuring anti-ghosting across all 94 keys and N-key rollover. This ensures that multiple keys can be pressed simultaneously with high speed and precision. Each key is controlled by an independent switch, providing a responsive and high-grade gaming experience.

Wide Compatibility

The E-YOOSO Z-94 keyboard is compatible with various computer systems, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows VISTA. Whether you’re using a PC, laptop, or Mac, this keyboard is a versatile and reliable choice for a wide range of setups.

Warranty: 1 Year
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