ATTACK SHARK K85 Rapid Trigger 75% Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Magnetic Switches: Adjustable trigger points (0.2mm to 3.8mm).
  • Hot-Swappable PCB: Customize with Outemu magnetic switches.
  • Volume Knob: Aluminum alloy with volume control and mute.
  • Gasket-Mounted: Quieter, more stable typing.
  • RGB Backlighting: 18 modes, 9 color options.
  • 75% Layout: Compact design with arrow keys.
  • Detachable USB-C Cable: Easy connectivity.


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Introducing the ATTACK SHARK K85, a rapid trigger 75% wired mechanical gaming keyboard designed for fast-paced gaming and smooth typing experiences. Featuring cutting-edge magnetic switches, the K85 offers adjustable keystroke trigger points ranging from 0.2mm to 3.8mm, allowing for quick responses and customizable typing feedback. This dynamic functionality makes it perfect for intense gaming sessions or rhythm-based games like osu! and Valorant.

The K85 is equipped with a premium aluminum alloy volume knob for convenient multimedia control, along with 18 backlit modes and 9 distinct light colors for personalized aesthetics. Its full-key hot-swappable PCB allows you to customize your keyboard setup, while the gasket-mounted structure ensures a quieter, more stable typing experience. The high-quality PBT keycaps are durable, comfortable, and resistant to wear, enhancing both look and feel.

With a compact 75% TKL layout, the K85 retains essential features like separate arrow keys and function key combinations, providing a versatile experience for gamers and professionals alike. Its detachable Type-C cable ensures easy connectivity, and compatibility with Mac/Win devices makes it a flexible choice. Backed by a one-year warranty, the ATTACK SHARK K85 is your ideal partner for precision gaming and efficient work.

  • New-Generation Magnetic Switches.
  • Adjustable Keystroke Trigger Point.
  • Quick Trigger Response.
  • Dynamic Key Travel.
  • Fast Input With Low-Latency Connectivity.
  • Metallic Knob.
  • Full-Key Hot-Swappable Sockets.
  • Finely Adjusted Satellite Stabilizers.
  • Full-Key Conflict-Free Operation.
  • Detachable Type-C Cable.
  • High-Quality PBT Keycaps.
  • 75% Compact TKL Layout.
  • Compatible with Mac/Win devices.
  • Dimensions: 327x136x40mm.
  • Weight: Approx 780 grams.
Experience The Magic of Magnetic Switches:

Magnetic switches are a new tech in the field of mechanical keyboards. They not only offer silky smooth typing feedback but also have full control in the hands of users in terms of trigger points allowing the users to customize their typing experience with ease.

Quick Trigger Response and Dynamic Keystrokes:

Magnetic switches on the K85 enable quick trigger response and dynamic keystroke function on the keyboard. These switches are highly responsive, they convey triggers and release almost instantly, your input will release as soon as you release the key which is usually instantaneous with the K85. This promises better control of your game with faster input response. Dynamic Keystroke functionality is there as you can adjust the trigger point on the keyboard from 0.2mm to 3.8mm range.

Aluminum Alloy Volume Knob:

Control the multimedia volume on your setup with the aluminium alloy volume knob on the AttackShark K85 keyboard. The knob has volume up, volume down functions by rotation in different directions and it also allows you to mute the volume with a simple press.

Exquisite Finish With PBT Material Keycaps:

AttackShark K85 keyboard comes equipped with wear-resistant and non-oily PBT material keycaps. The keycaps have a comfortable and delicate touch, they enhance the look of the keyboard while being comfortable for typing and durable.

75% Layout Magnetic Switch Keyboard with RT Function

Equipped with adjustable hall effect magnetic switches, featured with customizable dynamic keystroke and rapid trigger function, this ATTACK SHARK K85 keyboard allows you to bind 4 functions according to 4 different pressing degrees to one key, adjust keystroke actuation point from a light 0.2mm to a strong 3.8mm and set travel distance from 0.2mm to 2.5mm, ensure flexibility and ultra-response, perfect for FPS and rhythm game like Valorant, osu!

Programmable NKRO ANSI Keyboard

you can use it to remap key and knob functions, set macro and hotkeys, adjust light mode and DIY your own light effect, apply DKS/MK/TGL function to the key you want, and choose or customize keystroke activate or deactivate actuation point for your typing or gaming need, minimize latency, provide a revolutionary full control of fast and ultra-accurate keystroke, always gets pre-acted in the game, design for win.

Gasket Mount & Hot Swappable PCB

This wired mechanical keyboard adopts a gasket-mounted structure for a quiet, stable, and smooth typing operation, built with a full-key hot-swappable PCB base, which can only be swapped with an Outemu magnetic switch, using a high precision stabilizer pre-lubed satellite switches to ensure a smoother typing experience with less wobbliness on the big keys. Note: recalibration in the software is necessary after each Outemu magnetic switch change.

Light Up Keyboard with PBT Keycaps and Volume Knob

Adopt premier built-in RGB LED lamp with a rich spectrum of 16.8 million colors, this K85 keyboard can offer 18 backlit modes and 9 light colors to shine your world, wear with OEM triple color theme non-shine-through PBT keycaps, more durable with a clear letter, always attractive even without light, aluminum alloy media knob allow you adjust the volume easily without switch a page or stop the game, gathering practicality and beauty in one keyboard.

Ergonomic Design & Wide Compatibility

This type-c wired gaming keyboard is crafted with a scientific structure with compact 82 key, retains separate arrow keys, has 2 double layer foot support for alternative using angle and 4 non-slip mat for stable use, support full key anti-ghosting and FN key combination function, can compatible with pc mac laptop, support dual system switchable between Win and Mac by pressing FN+Q/W, very useful for more efficient work and gaming.

Warranty: 1 Year

ATTACK SHARK K85 Rapid Trigger 75% Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - GADGET NOVA

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