ARMOR AR-5004A 4 Channel XVR

ARMOR AR-5004A 4 Channel XVR has chip: Hi3520D V400, OS: LINUX, audio: Input RCA 4CH In / Output:1CH Out and support: 1 x HDD, USB Mouse,1ch VGA,1ch HDMI, BNC Video. Get free shipping on orders over 2500 BDT from Vibe Gaming.


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The ARMOR AR-5004A 4 Channel XVR comes with the Hi3520D V400 processor and the LINUX operating system. Its operating menu has a 16-bit true-color graphical menu interface with mouse capabilities. This XVR 1/4 display is available in a variety of colors (take the pure coaxial input mode as an example). It outputs VGA (1080P), HDMI, and H.265/H.264 video formats (4K). This ARMOR AR-5004A 4 Channel XVR records 4CHx5MN, 8fps/4CHx3MN, 10fps/4CHx1080p, 25fps/4CHx720P@25fps and Decord 4CHx5MN/4CHx4MN, 8fps/4CHx3MN, 10fps/4CHx1080p, 25fps/4CHx720Px25fps. Each view window can configure 192 (16*12) detection zones as well as multi-level sensitivity (only for local channel) motion detection. ARMOR AR-5004A 4 Channel XVR has four modes: manual, alarm, motion detection, and timer recording. Local playback and video search (in Analog mode, 4 Channel) Time, Date, Event, Channel This XVR has local HDD, network storage, and backup, as well as external HDD, USB drive, and HDD backup.

Main Processor Hi3520D V400
Operating System LINUX
Resolution 4*5M@12fps/4*4M@15fps/4*3M@18fps/4*1080P
Record Rate 4CH*5MN@8fps/4CH*3MN@10fps/4CH*1080p@25fps/4CH*720P@25fps
Record Mode Manual, Alarm, Motion Detect, Timer
Video Detection And Alarm
Video Detection Each view window can set 192(16*12)detection areas, can set multi-level sensitivity (only for local channel)
Playback And Backup
Sync Playback 4 Channel when Analog mode
Search Mode Time, Date, Event, Channel search
Backup Mode Network backup, external HDD, USB Drive, HDD
Internal HDD 1 SATA Port Can support 6T HDD)
Auxiliary Interface
USB 2 * USB Port
Power Supply 12V/3A
Power Consumption < 15W(exclusive hard disk)
Component Environment
Operational Conditions -10 °C~ +55 °C
Dimensions 250mmx235mmcx45mm
Warranty: 1 Year
Price of ARMOR AR-5004A 4 Channel XVR in Bangladesh
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