Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB Multi Compatible All-In-One CPU Water Cooler With A-RGB

  • Radiator Dimensions : 317 (L) x 38 (W) x 138 (H) mm
  • Compatibillity: Intel® 1700, 1200, 115X, 2011-3*, 2066* || AMD® AM5, AM4, AM3(+)
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Weight : 1600 g (2 Fans, Radiator, Pump, Tubes)
  • Fan Speed : 200–1900 rpm
  • Warranty : 6 years


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The Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB is a multi-compatible, all-in-one CPU water cooler with A-RGB, available at Vibe Gaming LTD. It’s designed to deliver superior cooling performance for your PC. The cooler is compatible with a wide range of Intel and AMD sockets, including Intel 1700, 1200, 115X, 2011-3, 2066 (Square ILM) and AMD AM5, AM4. The RAM clearance is unlimited, providing flexibility for your system build. The cooler comes with a 6-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability. It operates within an ambient temperature range of 0—40 °C. The pump and cold plate feature a VRM fan of 40 mm, with a speed of 1000—3000 rpm (PWM controlled). The pump operates at 800—2000 rpm (PWM controlled), with a power consumption of 0.5 W—2.7 W (Pump + VRM Fan). The cold plate is made of copper and features micro-skived fins. The cooler comes with MX-5 thermal paste (0.8 g). The Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 includes two ARCTIC P14 PWM A-RGB – 140 mm fans. The fan speed is 200—1900 rpm PWM controlled (0 rpm below 5% PWM). The fans feature fluid dynamic bearing and have a noise level of 0.3 Sone. They operate at a current of 0.17 A | 12 V DC and provide an airflow of 68.9 cfm | 117,06 m³h with a static pressure of 2 mmH2O. The fans have a 4-pin connector. The cooler also features 12 A-RGB LEDs per fan, with a 3-Pin 5 V-DI-Gnd connector and a current/voltage of 0.4 A/ 5 V. The radiator measures 317 (L) x 138 (W) x 38 (H) mm. The pump (without tubes) measures 78 (L) x 53 (W) x 98 (H) mm. The tube diameter is outer: 12.4 mm | inner: 6.0 mm and the tube length is 450 mm. The total weight of the cooler is 1600 g (Fan, Radiator, Pump, Tubes).

General Specifications

Compatibillity: Intel® 1700, 1200, 115X, 2011-3*, 2066* || AMD® AM5, AM4, AM3(+)
TIM : MX-5 (0.8 g)
Weight : 1600 g (2 Fans, Radiator, Pump, Tubes)
Warranty : 6 years

Fan: 4-Pin PWM Connector
LEDs: 3-Pin 5V-DI-Gnd Connector

Pump/Cold Plate Specifications

VRM Fan : 40 mm, 1000–3000 rpm (Controlled by PWM)
Pump : 800–2000 rpm (Controlled by PWM)
Power Consumption : 0.5 W–2.7 W Pump and VRM Fan
Tube Length : 450 mm
Tube Diameter Outer: 12.4 mm | Inner: 6.0 mm
Dimensions : 78 (L) x 53 (W) x 98 (H) mm

Fan Specifications

Speed : 200–1900 rpm
Airflow : 68.9 cfm | 117.06 m3/h
Static Pressure : 2 mmH2O
Noise Level : 0.3 Sone
Fan Dimensions : 140 (L) x 140 (W) x 27 (H) mm
Speed Control  : Pulse Width Modulation
Connector : 4-Pin Connector cable with Y-Splitter
Bearing : Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Current | Voltage : 0.17 A | 12 V
RGB Specifications
LEDs : 12 A-RGB LEDs
Connector : 3 Pin 5V-D-GND cable with sharing splitter
Current | Voltage : 0.4 A | 5 V

Radiator Specifications

Material : Aluminum
Radiator Dimensions : 317 (L) x 38 (W) x 138 (H) mm

Future-Proof Compatibility

At the end of 2022, AMD has released the AM5 socket, the successor to its popular AM4 platform. Because all mechanical dimensions remain identical, we are able to guarantee the compatibility of ARCTIC coolers with AMD’s new processors.

Additionally, all coolers shipped by ARCTIC are already compatible with Intel’s Alder Lake and Raptor Lake LGA1700 processors.
Coolers purchased from resellers, however, may still have been shipped without the corresponding accessories. In this case, please contact our customer support.

Optimised for AMD Ryzen

AMD has been using a new multi-die layout for its high-end AM4 processors for a few generations now. In these processors, the hotspot is not centered by the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader). To still allow for optimal heat dissipation, we have developed a special mounting kit for the Liquid Freezer II that allows the cold plate to be placed directly over the hotspot of the CPU. AMD’s upcoming 7000 series AM5 processors are also come with multi-die layouts and can therefore benefit from the Liquid Freezer II’s unique offset mounting.

Create Your Own Look

The Liquid Freezer II A-RGB combines the Liquid Freezer II series’ efficient, proprietary PWM water pump with ARCTIC’s new A-RGB fans optimised for static pressure. This allows for perfectly matched, multi-color lighting effects. With the help of the advanced A-RGB Gen.2 technology and customizable LEDs, you can design your system with your very own look.

Efficient, Proprietary Pump

While many competitors use a generic water pump, we‘ve gone to great lengths to develop our own. The results? Quieter operation and higher efficiency. And, like the Liquid Freezer II’s fans, the water pump is PWM-controlled and adjusts its speed accordingly. This not only leads to significantly lower noise levels at low and typical loads, but also a much lower power consumption for all components of the AiO.

Quiet VRM Fan

Small fans have the reputation of being particularly loud and not very durable; that’s why we set out to develop a quiet, sturdy diagonal fan especially for the Liquid Freezer II. We’re 100% convinced that this 40 mm fan is just as durable as our other case fans. If the fan doesn’t live up to our claims, our customer service team will send you a replacement free of charge (without you having to replace the entire unit).

The fan is PWM-controlled and can cool your voltage converters and the socket area almost inaudibly by up to 15 °C especially in overclocking scenarios, with insufficient VRM cooling or in cases with low airflow and thus allows continuous high load. Provided there is sufficient VRM cooling, it can be turned off at will.

Warranty: 6 Years


Price of Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB Multi Compatible All-In-One CPU Water Cooler With A-RGB in Bangladesh
The best price of Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB Multi Compatible All-In-One CPU Water Cooler With A-RGB in Bangladesh is 15000 TK. You can buy Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB Multi Compatible All-In-One CPU Water Cooler With A-RGB at the best price in Bangladesh from Vibe Gaming on our website and our showroom.


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